Naim Marsidi Graphic / Web Designer

I work to make web a beautiful place.

I craft gorgeous designs for web and print.

Trust me! I'm a designer :-).

Selected Works.

Guidea - Corporate Branding (2014)

Design and propose Guidea Systems branding and merchandise. Business card, letterhead, envelope, folders, web design and etc.

Compurex - Corporate Merchandise (2009)

Compurex merchandise design for staff and client inclusive of diary, paperbag, tshirt, f1 corporate shirt, and umbrella

Gigaland Equity - Corporate Website (2013)

This is a short period project which is to develop a corporate website for a development company that based in Malacca. Corporate Website for Gigaland Equity was done in two weeks.

SPR - UI Design (2011)

This is a project under Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya Malaysia Sistem Pengurusan Pilihanraya.

Logo Design

Collection of logos design from various commision and free projects.

Vector and Illustration (2008 - 2014)

This is a collection of pass time hobby which include character design, vector portraiture, and etc.

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